Decade of Service

Decade of Service

An awesome two decades of serving state of art fluid dispensing and UV curing solutions to our family of customers.

Adaptable Best Solution

Adaptable-Best Solution

Optimised standard machine solutions for your explicit materials and process.



Our Modular design gives you the freedom and flexibility to configure the component and options for future expansion.

Patented Technology

Patented Technology

Avid contributor to IMRE and A*star. Adopting and introducing latest tech for our valued customer.

Why us? / Our Value

We believe that technology innovations should benefit people in better way. That is why our products are esthetically designed, easy to use, result driven and customer centric.

At Technodigm™, achieving top notch quality is an endeavor, not an end goal and it spurs us to wake up each day to just build better products.

Engineering Excellence
We remains consistency in the pursuit of being excellent at the craft of engineering, being both efficient as well as effective in delivering delight to customers.
One Stop Provider

Whether you need a UV curing solution or are looking for a fluid dispensers that fit best in your specific production environment. TechnoDigm™ is your one stop technology partner.

Material Understanding
Your production needs require a variety of materials. We understand material chemistry and whole cycle and detailed insight to help you choose the best solution for your business.
Knowledge Powerhouse
Have questions or curious whether or not an equipment is suitable in your case? Just connect and benefit from our rich knowledge base.
Inline Machine
IDS2000 Automated Dispensing System
Fluid Dispensing System

Versatile system with practical functionality for the most cost-effective dispensing solution

MM3000GP Series Gear Pump Meter Mix Dispensing System
Meter Mix Systems

Designed to deliver accurate ratios and volumes consistently over two-parts materials like Polyurethane, Epoxies, and Silicones

UVL2020 LED UV Flood Curing System
UV Curing Systems

Spot Curing, Flood Curing, and Conveyor Curing Systems utilize medium to high-intensity UV Light to quickly bond plastic, glass, and metal substrates

Jetting Valve Controller
Dispensing Valve

Offered a comprehensive range for excellent accuracy and reliability over all types of material viscosities and shot sizes

Removes bubbles from material
Degassing Systems

Use of Centrifugal Deaerator eliminates bubbles from material to obtain the optimal dispensing performance

Dispensing Accessories

Variety of disposable syringe barrels with luer lock tip adapter, industrial grade standard dispensing needles & tips

Industry Solution

Understanding your industry application specifics is critical in finding the most cost-effective solution to meet your dispensing & UV Curing requirement




Teleflex Medical Asia
Mr Hng
Teleflex Medical Sdn Bhd
Continuous Improvement Manager

When I was tasked with finding a dispensing automation robot for our company, I had no idea where to begin. Fortunately, I came across TechnoDigm and found a well-experienced team that knows exactly what they are doing. 

Fluidigm Corporation
June Zhei
Fluidigm Pte Ltd
Lead engineer

TechnoDigm supported our expansion project and gave us their best possible support.

Emerson Automation Solutions
Daniel Tee
Emerson Automation Solution
Senior Manufacturing Engineer

TechnoDigm came as a recommendation from a colleague – and what a fantastic suggestion! Our company needed somebody efficient and highly productive that would not compromise on quality, and we hit a ringer with them. We couldn’t be more pleased with their recommendation.

LED UV Curing System various configurable
TechnoDigm™ LED UV Light Source Can Be Mounted on Both Chamber & Conveyor System

TechnoDigm™ LED Light Source Can Be Mounted on Both Chamber & Conveyor System With our LED UV curing systems, you…

A image show integrate UV Sensor with All-In-One LED UV Curing System inside the chamber
Integrate UV Sensor with All-In-One LED UV Curing System

TechnoDigm™ All-In-One LED UV Curing System that offers the option to integrate a UV sensor We are excited to inform…

UVL1010 All-in-one LED UV Curing System in laboratory environment
Various curing areas in our All-In-One LED UV Curing System

TechnoDigm™ All-In-One LED UV Curing Systems are available in various curing areas with homogeneous intensity TechnoDigm™ All-In-One LED UV Curing…

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