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Choosing The Right Meter Mix System

Choosing The Right Meter Mix System

The need to meter, mix and then dispense lubricants, adhesives, epoxy, and other fluid products is an essential step in almost every manufacturing process.

With so many different meter mix system available in the market, how do we know which one suits our needs?

To first identify which meter mix system is suitable for your needs, we need to first decide which mixing method we need.

The 2 types of mixing methods are Static Mixer and Dynamic Mixer.

Static Mixer
  • Static mixers come in a wide range of sizes and a number of mixing elements.
  • Mixers are disposables, thus providing a maintenance-free mixing solution.
  • Mixing is effective upon selecting the correct diameter and number of mixing elements.
Dynamic Mixer
  • With a motor driving a rotor shaft within the chamber, metered fluids are mixed thoroughly when they are fed into the chamber.
  • The dynamic mixer comes with a flushing port to allow the solvent to be purged through the chamber to prevent mixed materials from curing when it remains within the chamber beyond the pot life.
  • Here’s a simple comparison chart between our meter mix systems for your easy reference.
Choosing The Right Meter Mix System

*Dependent on material viscosity and mixing ratio

These are some basic comparison between our machines for easy referencing.

For a more detailed breakdown, Speak to our engineers today!  And received an onsite consultation for your production needs.

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