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UV Curing Systems Real Time

UV Curing Systems with Real-time Absolute UV Intensity Monitoring

In the production process that involves UV curing, change in intensity of UV output, if not detected immediately, can result in producing a large number of rejected parts. Real-time monitoring of UV output intensity, providing instant feedback, will eliminate this situation.

UVC2000 UV Curing Conveyor System

A UV sensor module, providing continuous irradiance data, is used to continuously detect for change in UV output for process control.


All our UV Curing Systems are equipped with this real-time UV irradiance monitoring module. This module effectively detects any drop in UV intensity that might occur between data collection runs using offline radiometer.

Proprietary UV sensor chip with state of the art PCBs is used to make a continuous measurement of the absolute UV intensity. It is compact, tough and stable for the extreme exposure to high-intensity UV and heat.

UV Curing Chamber With Shutter

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