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TechnoDigm™ GoDispense Software (Part B)

Automated Dispensing With GoDispense Software (PART B)

Recently, we sent out a newsletter called “Automating Dispensing with GoDispense Software (Part A)”. We discussed the parameter setting of the dispensing profile, XY needle calibration, and fiducial camera check features in the previous article.

We will now demonstrate the capabilities of our proprietary GoDispense Software after dispensing.

Able to Scan Different Color Substrate

GoDispense Software can differentiate different color substrate

Our vision system uses a high-definition camera for fiducial check. Coupled with our software recognition capability, it allows us to scan substrates of different colors and dispense accordingly. Using recipe builder, users can speed up the recipe creation process by presenting all dispensing paths/patterns in an interactive graphical drawing and saving them as a recipe file. By using vision teach, needle teach, or DXF file import, dispensing paths and patterns can be created for each recipe.

Profile Height Checking

check the dispensing profile height for more precise dispense

With our laser sensing technology, our Automated Dispensing System, like the IDS and GR Series, are able to check the profile height after dispensing. A record of the data is captured by our GoDispense Software and stored in the system for processing monitoring.

Configurable Set Up: Changing of Valve

configurable setup such as changing of valves

Different applications or processes require different valves. Our interface provides a valve selection drop-down list; each selection has its own set of parameters. This enables the user to set them according to the requirements and optimize the valve performance.

Report Viewer

A report showing the dispensing good and bad counts

Our system provides users with a variety of reports, including the UPH output report which enables users to keep track of the system’s efficiency. Besides, the data logging system also captures machine uptime and downtime as well as provides events report, showing all the system events, which is extremely useful for monitoring processes and troubleshooting.

Our Automated Dispensing Systems with GoDispense Software offers the ultimate solution by automating manufacturing processes for factories having a hard time finding skilled workers.

TechnoDigm™ possesses over two decades of experience with fluid dispensing and UV curing technologies, now we are able to help you.

We can automate and optimize your dispensing processes now! Contact us today and let’s get started!

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