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October 24, 2023

Automate Your 2-Component Applications and Choosing the Right Static Mixer

If you are currently using manual handheld dispensing of 2-component cartridges, you can consider our dual cartridge handheld dispenser paired with TechnoDigm™ DD3000, Digital Fluid Dispenser to form an automated dispensing system. Our dual cartridge handheld dispenser is available in three different sizes: 50ml, 200ml, and 400ml packaging.

Choosing the right static mixer for your two-part adhesive applications is very important for reliable performance and we often heard from our clients that they have a hard time finding the right one. That are too many factors to determine the correct static mixer for your two-part adhesive, such as the type of connection required, the shot size, adhesive characteristics, and the cartridge size.

TechnoDigm™ offers an extensive range of static mixers, such as helical and square/ Quadro™ types, are commonly used for their convenience and cost-effectiveness, particularly when dealing with different type of adhesives.

Different adhesives have varying viscosity and mixing requirements, which dictate the number of elements needed in the mixer. It’s crucial to match the mixer to your specific adhesive type and mixing ratio thus form a homogenous mix.

TechnoDigm™ offers an extensive range of static mixers such as helical and square/ Quadro™ types.

The connection style of the mixer is also important, with options including bayonet, bell, separated outlet, and integral nut (threaded). The choice depends on the cartridge size and dispensing equipment.

With over two decades of experience, we are well-equipped to provide you with the best possible solution for your needs.