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Our engineers using GoDispense, a dispensing software for greater a robust process set up

Automated Dispensing With GoDispense Software (PART A)

Manufacturing labor shortages are a reality that cannot be avoided. Automation offers a practical solution to this and should be your top priority and the key to minimize dependence on human labour.

We at Technodigm™ immerse ourselves in innovative research and development of fluid dispensing and UV curing technologies. With decades of experience, we developed our Automated Fluid Dispensing Systems; the IDS Series and the GR Series, together with proprietary GoDispense Software to achieve precise dispensing with minimum human intervention.

We would like to share with you firstly on our GoDispense Software. This software is packed with many features critical to dispensing processes such as:

Recipe Builder with Interactive Graphics Drawing

An image of recipe can be created by vision teach

Using recipe builder, users can speed up the recipe creation process by presenting all dispensing paths/patterns in an interactive graphical drawing and saving them as a recipe file. By using vision teach, needle teach, or dxf file import, dispensing paths and patterns can be created for each recipe.

Fiducial Camera Check

Fiducial check using high definition camera

By utilizing the high-definition camera, our software is able to perform fiducial recognition for positioning and automatic tool alignment.

Needle height Check & XY Calibration

Sensor-driven auto needle calibration tool
As part of the dispensing process, needle XYZ position is very important and crucial in achieving consistency. Misalignment occurs quite often during needle changes in a production run, so we have this feature to do a check after needle replacement. Using our sensor-driven Auto needle calibration tool, we eliminate the need to waste or clean the material used for needle calibration while achieving high-accuracy calibration.

We will cover the second part of our sharing in our next episode.  Watch this space and to be continued…..

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