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Technodigm Innovation
March 22, 2023

Automating Your High Mix Low Volume Processes with our Desktop Robots

Desktop Dispensing Robots

TechnoDigm™ selection of Desktop Robots comprises varieties of work-area sizes and an array of customization options that include up to a 5-Axis Robot Selection, our robots are definitely one of the most versatile automation solutions today!

Our robots are equipped with easy to use software that doesn’t require any programming experience and operates with intuitive visualization and waypoints.

Besides that, TechnoDigm™ Desktop Robots out-of-box experience is one of a kind, and unlike typical robotic setups that may take weeks, it’s ready to be used in just over a few steps.

Furthermore, using our robots you can now relieve human operators from hazardous or dirty tasks that may put a strain on repetitiveness.