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Technodigm Innovation
March 22, 2023

BoxCure, a Compact & Portable UV Curing System by TechnoDigm™

An integrated touchscreen interface makes TechnoDigm’s BoxCure an easy-to-use UV Curing system besides being compact and energy-efficient. Using 32 high quality UV LED’s it produces high intensity UV light, achieving fast curing time without the need for warming up.

BoxCure is an effective and convenient portable equipment for curing UV adhesives and epoxy resins. As an alternative to large, bulky UV curing equipment, BoxCure is ideal for laboratories, small workshops, and jewellery manufacturers. It can also serve as a demonstration system for adhesive manufacturers.

The BoxCure drawer comes with a safety switch that turns off the UV light automatically once it is opened.


Let our expert engineers help you with your application and provide you with the best solution for your LED UV Curing processes.

TechnoDigm™ possesses over two decades of experience with automated fluid dispensing and UV measuring and curing technologies, always ready to help you.