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March 22, 2023

Bubble-Free Meter Mix Systems For Medical Application


This application is for a leading US Medical device manufacturer producing ventilators. Ventilators act as bellows to move air in and out of the lungs when a person has difficulty breathing. It is one of the most essential hospital equipment especially during the Covid pandemic.


In their production process, they encountered several problems, such as dripping after dispensing, bubbles created by existing pump systems, and difficulty controlling the meter-mix-dispensing process. Since some of the processes are manually handled, they are looking for an integrated solution for their manufacturing line.

Following a series of discussions with the end-users, our engineering team came up with a fully integrated dual-mode Meter Mix dispensing system, with the ability to switch between automatic and manual dispensing. There are several features included in this system, namely;

  1. A 10″ touch screen colored panel that allows the operator to set all parameters required to optimize the meter-mix-dispense process.
  2. Pressure sensors integrated to monitor the materials’ flow.
  3. Bubble-free potting process.
  4. Proprietary Meter-Mix software that monitors and controls the various processes.

This custom-built Meter Mix Dispensing System (dual mode) is a state-of-the-art machine, greatly appreciated by our customer. It is user-friendly, achieves a precisely controlled process, providing them with a hassle-free Meter-Mix-dispensing solution.

A high-quality production standard was achieved with Technodigm™ Meter Mix Dispensing System as a result of increased production efficiency, minimal maintenance, and a well monitored process.

Bubble-Free Meter Mix Systems For Medical Application

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