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March 22, 2023

Challenges in Thermal Grease Dispensing

Thermal Grease Dispensing

TechnoDigm™ unique Auger Valve is pertinent to Thermal Grease Dispensing, given its unparalleled features designed for dispensing high viscosity materials. TechnoDigm™ also provides a good range of dispensing robots to be integrated with this valve to enhance the dispensing processes, serving a wide range of applications.

Some distinctive benefits of TechnoDigm™ Auger Valve include :

  • Ability to remove the wetted part and be stored safely in a fridge to be re-used hence reducing wastage of material.
  • Consists of various leadscrew sizes for precise dispensing volumes.
  • It does not require high material feed pressure thus reducing built-up pressure.
  • Easy to clean and requires less maintenance.

Thermal Grease Dispensing

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