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Technodigm Innovation
March 22, 2023

Digital Fluid Dispenser With Large Touchscreen To Display All Parameters

Digital Dispenser DD3000 is an easy to use touchscreen digital dispenser. The large screen is able to display all settings without the need to scroll or switch screens. Change of setting is simply a touch away.

Digital Dispenser DD3000 provides a real-time display of the input pressure, actual pressure, and negative pressure for drip control.

TechnoDigm™ Digital Dispenser System:-

  • Consist of 10 program memories.
  • Auto cycling mode allows sequencing of a self-taught program which includes a preset dispense time and wait for the duration between cycles.
  • Large touchscreen display containing all settings on a single page.
  • Able to display line pressure input, syringe pressure, and vacuum pressure.
  • Able to display desired pressure and vacuum pressure for easy reference.
  • Consists of a cycle completion counter.
  • Convenient operation via foot pedal or touch screen.
  • Effortless use and maintenance-free.

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