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As a leading maker of Fluid Dispensing Systems and UV Curing Equipment, TechnoDigm™ mission is simple: to provide the most complete line of dispensing solutions, backed by world-class service and support to help our customers achieve their goals and make their visions a reality. We proudly offer the most complete offering of dispensing solutions in the industry.


IDS2000 Automated Dispensing System

Automated Fluid Dispensing Systems

In optoelectronic and medical devices industries alike, it is important to deliver the exact volume of fluid consistently. This isn’t always easy by manual dispensing processes. Automated Dispensing Systems from TechnoDigm™ are the answer to this challenge. These highly accurate and efficient machines dispense by means of a precisely controlled, electrically actuated valve, delivering precise amounts of fluids including epoxies, adhesives, grease and silicones onto a wide variety of substrates.

Full image of SCS4000

Selective Conformal Spray Coating System

Spray Coating System is a programmable selective coating system that allows you to dispense only on required areas to reduce cycle time and eliminate the need for masking. It comes with various types of spray heads to cater to different coating material and spraying profile.

DD3000 Digital Dispenser

Fluid Dispensers

Fluid Dispensers are designed to meet the dispensing demand of every application. Our comprehensive range ensures excellent accuracy and reliability over all types of material viscosities and shot sizes.

Needle Valve, NV300


TechnoDigm™ designs and builds high-performance and cost effective Dispensing Valves. We manufacture an extensive range of High Precision Dispensing Valves with components of the highest qualities. Our Dispensing Valves enable precise and rapid delivery of materials including adhesives, epoxies and grease.

SL1000 Syringe Filling System

Fluid Feeding Systems

TechnoDigm™ is the world leader in Fluid Feeding Systems, Our systems accommodate barrel sizes of 3cc to 55cc and offer accurate volumetric filling with no air bubbles all at a competitive price and provide the highest level of cleanliness and operator safety.

Centrifugal Fluid Deaerator

A common occurrence that may appear in dispensing fluids are air bubbles. These air bubbles not only cause defect in appearances, adhesiveness to the bonding materials but also impair physical properties. It can also result in dispensing defects and inconsistencies which may hinder product quality and reduce fluid wastage. Our Centrifugal Deaerator eliminates air bubbles for the optimal dispensing performance.

Dispensing Accessories

Dispensing Accessories

TechnoDigm offers a variety of disposable syringe barrels with luer lock tip adapter, accepting standard dispensing needles & tips. Made of Industrial grade.