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Automated Fluid Dispensing Systems

In optoelectronic and medical devices industries alike, it is important to deliver the exact volume of fluid consistently. This isn’t always easy by manual dispensing processes. Automated Dispensing Systems from TechnoDigm™ are the answer to this challenge. These highly accurate and efficient machines dispense by means of a precisely controlled, electrically actuated valve, delivering precise amounts of fluids including epoxies, adhesives, grease and silicones onto a wide variety of substrates.
IDS2000 Automated Dispensing System

IDS2000 Automated Dispensing Systems

IDS2000 is suitable for medium to high volume productions; it combines flexibility with practical functionality for the most cost-effective dispensing solution.

GR2000 Precision Desktop Gantry Robots

GR2000 Precision Desktop Gantry Robots

GR2000 comes with a servo-controlled ball screw driven by servo motors. it is designed for precision dispensing, basic model with many options to choose.

5 Axis Desktop Dispensing Robot

TR Series Desktop Dispensing Robots

Our Desktop Dispensing Robots Series robots provide an easy way to automated a wide range of fluid dispensing processes while preserving desktop workspace. Choices of 3 Axis, 4 Axis, 5 Axis & Dual Y-Axis are available.

Automated Fluid Dispensing Systems Brochure