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Centrifugal Fluid Deaerator

A common occurrence in dispensing fluids is air bubbles. These air bubbles cause physical defects and inconsistencies in the dispensing process that may affect product quality and lead to excessive fluid wastage. Our centrifugal fluid deaerator eliminates air bubbles for the optimal dispensing performance.

CFM1000 Centrifugal Fluid Deaerator

CFM 1000 is a reliable bench-top centrifugal system with quick stop motor. With a maximum rotation speed of 1500 rpm and a quick stop motor.

Removes bubbles from material

CFM2000 Centrifugal Fluid Deaerator

CFM 2000 is a simple and reliable bench-top centrifugal system. Equipped with a powerful electrical motor, it can reach a maximum rotation speed of 1500 rpm.

Centrifugal Fluid Deaerator

CFM3000 Centrifugal Fluid Deaerator (Production Version)

CFM3000 is TechnoDigm™ latest and most powerful centrifuge machine added to the centrifuge product line. It has a much higher loading capacity and is able to achieve fast removal of air bubbles in larger number of syringes at one time making it suitable to use for high production.

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