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Dispensing Valves

Snuff Back Valve and Controller

Snuff back valve is suitable for a wide range of material but is especially good for grease, silicone and pasty materials.

Positive Displacement Pump Dispensing

Positive Displacement Pump (PDP) utilizes direct drive mechanism to deliver precise amount of epoxy without using compressed air.

Auger Valve and Controller

Auger valves are made with hardened stainless steel material in the wetted chamber, driven by a DC servo motor. Specially designed to handle solder paste, silver epoxies,thermal compound.

Spray Valve and Controller

An air atomizing Spray Valve. It utilizes low air pressure to break coating materials into tiny droplets and deposit it onto any coating surfaces.

Precision Piston Valve and Controller

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Needle Valve

Needle valve designed to be low maintenance, ease to use & ultra fast response time. The wetted parts are made of stainless steel that makes cleaning an easy task.