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Dispensing Valves

Dispensing Valves from TechnoDigm are both economical and high-performance. We manufacture an extensive range of precise dispensing valves with the highest quality components. Our Dispensing Valves enable precise, rapid, and accurate delivery of material like adhesive, epoxies, grease in a variety of demanding industrial application.
Jetting Valve Controller

Jetting Valve and Controller

JV200 is Technodigm’s superlative non-contact jetting valve engineered to jet low to high viscosity fluids such as greases, fluxes, epoxies and adhesives specifically for applications that require dispensing in difficult to reach areas or even uneven surfaces.

AV300 Auger Valve And Controller

Auger Valve and Controller

Auger valves are made with hardened stainless steel material in the wetted chamber, driven by a DC servo motor. Specially designed to handle solder paste, silver epoxies,thermal compound.

PDP1000 Positive Displacement Pump Dispensing

Positive Displacement Pump Dispensing

Positive Displacement Pump (PDP) utilizes direct drive mechanism to deliver precise amount of epoxy without using compressed air.

Spool Valve

Spool Valve

SPV200 is a pneumatic valve that has been designed specifically to address dripping and tailing issues effectively. The internal design creates a suck-back effect as opposed to standard piston valves.

Snuff Back Valve

Snuff Back Valve and Controller

Snuff back valve is suitable for a wide range of material but is especially good for grease, silicone and pasty materials.

NV200 Needle Valve

Needle Valve

Needle valve designed to be low maintenance, ease to use & ultra fast response time. The wetted parts are made of stainless steel that makes cleaning an easy task.

Pinch Tube Valve

Pinch Tube Valve

PTV200 Pinch Tube Dispensing Valve is engineered for effortless and feasible control of low to medium viscosity liquids.

Touchscreen Valve Controller

Touchscreen Valve Controller

The VC1000 is a universal dispensing valve controller that features an easy-to-use touchscreen interface for setup and operation.

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