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Auger Valve and Controller

AV100 Auger Valve and Controller

AV100 is designed with a positive shut off that eliminates drooling. More importantly, this new feature allows the valve to dispense fluids with viscosity as low as 5K cps. Similar to the AV200, the AV100 is also driven by a DC servo motor.

AV200 Auger Valve and Controller

AV200 is designed for dispensing applications which requires good volumetric accuracy. It incorporates a precision motor, which provides high and consistent torque to dispense medium to very high viscosity paste effortlessly. Auger Valve is highly suitable for applications like Die Attach, Sealing, Dotting and Encapsulation.

AV300 Auger Valve and Controller

AV300 was designed as an economic alternative to the AV200. Driven by a high-quality DC brush motor, the AV300 provides a holistic solution capable of addressing most dispensing requirements.