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March 22, 2023

TechnoDigm™ introducing Drum to Cartridge Loading System, CL2000

TechnoDigm Innovation Pte Ltd has proudly introduced an all-new Drum to Cartridge Loading System called CL2000. This all-new loading system is designed to automate the loading and filling of standard cartridges with material supplied from a drum. This sustainable loading system is not only cost-effective but also convenient and reduces wastage as well as spillage of the material, when loading from the drum to a cartridge.

“Our Drum to Cartridge Loading System works on the fundamental principles of fluid dynamics and is packed with a wide range of features and benefits.” Said Mr. Lee, the Chief Engineer at TechnoDigm™. “CL2000 consists of two standard cartridges that can work simultaneously when high volume production is needed, facilitating a smooth and easy transfer of materials from drums to cartridges. The cartridge loading system is driven by standard pneumatic components, which can be operated easily via a 7-inch touch screen display.” He added. According to Mr. Lee, the system is equipped with various sensors, indicators and alarms to allow smooth operation.

The CL2000 Loading System is suitable for any type of materials. It is easy to clean and maintain, and easy to operate and control. TechnoDigm™ takes great pride in customizing its fluid dispensing solutions according to the client’s requirements. One of the many great benefits of this loading system is that it greatly reduces the material wastage and messiness due to spillage during the manual loading process, and allows the operator to manage other human-dependant processes instead.

loading system from drums to cartridges

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