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November 21, 2023

Efficient Bubble-Free Transfer Adhesives from Cartridge to Syringe

Tired of the mess and hassle in your material transfer process? TechnoDigm™ Fluid Feeding Systems, offering accurate volumetric filling and bubble-free transfer every time. Our system also provides you the cleanliness of your workspace and the safety of the operator with minimum fuss.

Introducing our Syringe Filling Station, that helps you transfer various types of fluids or materials from cartridges to syringes consistently. The system accommodates different kinds of syringes from 3cc to 55cc and also kind enough to accommodates different size of cartridges, such as 300, 600, and 900ml.

This system gives you the advantage of bubble-free solution during the transfer of your materials. Thus, increases productivity and eliminates material wastage, achieving significant savings as compared to manual loading processes.

Watch our video now to see our SL1000 Syringe Loading Systems in action! We are confident that our solutions will help you achieve much better accuracy and efficiency in your dispensing process.

Transfer Material Without a Mess