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March 22, 2023

Efficient Removal Of Air Bubbles In Syringes With Our Centrifugal Fluid Degassing Systems

Air bubbles might be entrapped in syringes during the packaging of 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc, or 55c syringes, the transferring of fluid from its original packaging to syringes, or the mixing of more than one fluid material.

These air bubbles should be removed in order to ensure the dispensing accuracy. Air bubbles trapped in the syringe are compressed and expanded during each dispensing cycle. This causes drooling or oozing, which is a major cause of inconsistent dispensing especially with high viscosity fluids.

Our Centrifugal Fluid Degassing Systems (CFM Series) are designed to address this issue. It is easy to use and highly efficient. The CFM comes with programmable speed and a reliable safety system. The safety lock prevents the cover from during operation. It is also equipped with a vibration sensor that detects any imbalanced loading or abnormal vibration.

Both our CFM1000 and CFM2000 are equipped with a powerful electric motor at a rotation speed of 1500 rpm. While CFM2000 requires 60 seconds before the syringes can be safely removed from the system, the CFM1000 is equipped with a quick stop motor which allows the syringes to be removed immediately.

Check out our video here!