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March 22, 2023

Form In Place Gasketing Dispensing System

A world leading payment gateways provider needed to improve their product reliability and increase productivity.

TechnoDigm™ built a customized desktop dispensing machine with pick and place station incorporated with many useful features to help them to improve product’s quality and yield.


Clients was manually handling the substrate at their manufacturing plant and was not able to accurately control the amount of material dispensed to achieve a consistent flowrate required for the process. In addition, due to the variation of the substrate thickness, the customer was not able to achieve a consistent dispensing profile.


We Developed and built an innovative solution, customised desktop dispensing machine, GR2010LLP with useful features such as;

  • Compact design that suits their environment.
  • Pick and place station to replace manual placement of 2nd substrate to increase the accuracy of placement and reduce tilt.
  • Use of a laser to check substrate height (ability to compensate for the differences) and measure the height of dispensed profile serving as a quality control tool.
  • Use of Camera to do fiducial check on reference position and automatic shifting of dispensing head position to re-positioning.
  • Automatic Needle XYZ calibration when the needle is replaced to compensate for the shift in needle position as controlled needle positioning is critical in ensuring the quality of dispensing.

The solution that was implemented for our client was a huge success. They now have an affordable and efficient Automated Form In Place Gasketing (FIPG) Dispensing Machine! Contact us to learn more about how we can improve your manufacturing process.

View our demonstration video below to see for yourself. To watch the video, click below,

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