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March 22, 2023

Case Study: Implemented Dual Y-axis Fluid Dispensing System to Increase UPH Through Continuous Dispensing


Current equipment performance was not able to dispense material with acceptable volumetric consistency. This results in poor quality and rejects.

In addition, the dispensing process was not efficient. Materials used for dispensing has to be manually transferred to cartridges so that it can be used in the dispensing process.


After a series of consultations with our expert engineers, we developed TR3500D Dual Y-Axis Dispensing System. The system provides material directly from the pail to the dispensing valve, which helps to reduce material wastage, save time and increase efficiency. It also has auto needle calibration to achieve accurate dispensing.

We integrated it with a user-friendly HMI Screen panel that they can easily operate. As part of the dispensing system, a positive shutoff valve, (SBV200) that has adjustable snuff back feature was used. This allows a quick cut off of their high viscosity material and prevents tailing of material at the end of dispensing.

In addition, we equipped them with a pressure monitoring system to control and monitor material flow, allowing them to do troubleshooting more quickly and providing easier maintenance.

Dual Y-axis Fluid Dispensing System
Dual Y-axis Fluid Dispensing System

The customer was extremely pleased with our solution. With the implementation of our system, the UPH performance was faster, maintenance requirements were lower, and the dispensed profile was more consistent. Using this set up, the team was able to cut down on at least 20% of their time, reduce material wastage, and improve the efficiency of their manufacturing process.

Dual Y-axis Fluid Dispensing System

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