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July 05, 2023

Improve Output with Precision Metering & Mixing

As industrial automation technology advances, meeting growing production demands becomes increasingly difficult. Today, we want to share an exciting case study that demonstrates how our collaboration with a leading manufacturer brought remarkable results by implementing a meter mix dispensing system.


Our primary goal in this project was to help our customer cope with a surge in production volume. As experts in industrial automation, specializing in manufacturing measurement instrumentations, our client sought a solution that could enhance their production capacity and efficiency.

The key material used by our client was a primerless silicone encapsulant. The system had to cater to the potting requirements of nine different products, with precise dispensing amounts ranging from 40g to 120g. Achieving a potting consistency within +/-3% was crucial to ensure consistent and reliable end products.

Precision Metering & Mixing


Before implementing the meter mix dispensing system, our customer encountered two main challenges:

  1. Maintaining an accurate and consistent mixing ratio was vital to ensure product quality and uniformity. The customer faced difficulties with manual mixing processes that introduced variations, posing a significant hurdle in achieving consistency.
  2. During manual mixing, the formation of bubbles led to voids within the potted products, compromising their structural integrity and performance. Overcoming this issue was essential to meet the client’s stringent quality standards.

Solutions and Remarkable Results

Our approach involved customization to meet the specific project requirements:

  1. Sizing of our Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) to achieve the desired range of flow rates.
  2. Integration of the PCP with TechnoDigm’s dispensing robot, TR3500 for an automatic batch processing system for quality and UPH.
  3. Integration of a positive shut-off valve after the static mixer to preventing material dripping and ensuring precise and controlled dispensing.

The implementation of the meter mix dispensing system delivered transformative outcomes:

  1. Improved Production Output – The system significantly enhanced our client’s production output, allowing them to fulfil customer demands promptly and efficiently, even amidst increased production volumes.
  2. Reduced Rejects and Enhanced Quality – By eliminating voids within potted parts, the system drastically reduced reject rates, leading to cost savings and minimizing waste. The bubble-free mixing process ensured superior product quality, enhancing the customer’s reputation and customer satisfaction.
  3. Streamlined and Efficient Production Process – Compared to the messy and inconsistent manual mixing process, the meter mix dispensing system revolutionized the production environment. It offered a cleaner, more organized, and efficient process, saving time and effort previously spent on frequent clean-ups.


The successful implementation of the meter mix dispensing system in our customer’s industrial automation facility exemplifies how innovative solutions can meet increasing production demands while improving product quality and consistency. By addressing challenges related to mixing accuracy and bubble formation, our system empowered the customer to enhance their production output, reduce rejects, and achieve a cleaner and more efficient manufacturing process. This case study underscores the transformative impact of TechnoDigm’s meter mix dispensing systems in the industrial automation industry, highlighting their potential to optimize operations and pave the way for future advancements.

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