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August 28, 2023

Applications of Meter Mix Systems in the Automotive Industry

Meter mix systems have had a revolutionary impact on the automotive industry in the past two decades. While helping to reduce labour costs and increase productivity, they also improve quality. In this regard, it’s safe to say that meter mix systems are used in many applications in the automotive and other industries.  From potting to sealing applications, they deliver unique solutions that can help streamline the automotive production process. Keep reading to explore their use cases and how they are changing the landscape of modern manufacturing.

What are Meter Mix Systems?

Meter mix systems are innovative tools used in the automotive industry for precisely mixing and dispensing silicones, adhesives and epoxies in the manufacturing of sensors, headlamp assemblies and electronics modules.  Meter mix systems ensure an accurate mixing ratio and dispensed quantity of the mixed components. What they do is eliminate human error and inconsistency, improving quality and efficiency. Ultimately, such systems become a valuable asset in maintaining product integrity and reducing waste in the automotive industry, such as Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCPs), Dual Cartridge Dispensing or MM3000GP Series Gear Pump Meter Mix Dispensing System.

Why are Meter Mix Systems Critical in the Automotive Industry?


Firstly, meter mix systems provide accurate mixing ratios of multi-component epoxies/adhesives or silicones. They also ensure that the various components of the material are well mixed automatically thus ensuring consistency and reducing the risk of variations in performance.


Such systems minimise waste by dispensing precise amounts of substances has very little waste during mixing and handling of the various components of the material.  A properly set up meter mx system also requires less maintenance and operator to operate the system. This contributes to saving in labour and increases the increase in efficiency, which in turn leads to higher UPH.

Improved product integrity

Meter mix systems ensure the proper mixing and dispensing application of mixed materials and thus enhance the integrity of automotive components.


The Role of Meter Mix Systems in Automotive Adhesive Bonding Applications

Automotive adhesive applications have become increasingly important in the manufacturing process as they offer several benefits over traditional mechanical fastening methods.

In many cases, these adhesive are multicomponent that needs accurate metering and mixing.

Here are some ways meter mix systems take part in automotive adhesive bonding:

  • Mixing and dispensing two-component adhesives to achieve a consistent mix ratio and minimise waste
  • Dispensing bonds precisely to meet tight tolerances and avoid over-application
  • Controlling the flow of glue to improve process control and reduce errors
  • Reducing material and labour costs through improved efficiency and precision
  • Monitoring and adjusting the dispensing process to optimise adhesive performance and reduce defects

Meter Mix Systems for Other Automotive Applications.

Sealants and coatings protect vehicles from various environmental factors and enhance their overall appearance. However, ensuring the proper application of these materials can be challenging. Thanks to two-component meter mix machines, manufacturers can accurately measure and mix two or more material components in precise ratios. They ensure the consistent quality and uniformity of the final product, minimising wastage and maximising efficiency.

Here are some critical applications of meter mix systems in the automotive industry for sealants and coatings:

  • Seam Sealing: Meter mix systems enable precise dispensing and sealing of seams in automotive body panels, ensuring a tight and durable bond resistant to water, air, and other contaminants.
  • Headlamps: Dispensing of gasket materials for a water-tight seal.
  • Automotive Components: Many mechanical and electrical components that qualify for automotive often use multi-component materials.
  • Paint Protection Film: These systems ensure accurate dispensing and mixing of paint protection films, which help preserve the paint finish of vehicles and guard against scratches and stone chips.

Challenges and Considerations

While meter mix systems have proven beneficial in the Automotive Industry, implementing these systems can be challenging. The complexity of automotive manufacturing processes means that any addition to the production line must be well thought out. Below are some of the challenges and considerations manufacturers need to address before implementing meter mix systems in their production process:

  • Cost: The initial cost of purchasing and installing meter mix systems requires a significant expense. Companies must consider the potential cost savings in terms of materials and labour compared to the cost of the system itself.
  • Integration: Integrating new equipment into existing manufacturing processes can be difficult. It requires careful planning to avoid interruptions or delays in production.
  • Training: Using meter mix systems requires skilled operators who can handle and maintain the equipment. Providing sufficient training for personnel is crucial to ensure successful implementation and use.
  • Maintenance: Meter mix systems require regular maintenance to maintain good condition and deliver accurate results. Manufacturers must have a plan in place for the care and repair of the equipment.

Final Thoughts

Meter mix systems have become essential in the automotive industry due to the automation, increased efficiency and reduced waste they provide. As the automotive industry continues to grow and evolve, companies like Technodigm have leveraged the power of mix meter systems to create innovative solutions for automotive painting, adhesive bonding, and sealants and coatings. With the ability to accurately and consistently dispense materials, meter mix systems are helping to increase productivity, reduce costs and waste, and improve the overall quality of automotive products. Undoubtedly, meter mix dispensing systems will continue to play a vital role in the automotive industry for years.