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March 22, 2023

Precision Fine Line Profile Dispensing with Multi-substrate Vision System

Technodigm™ Designed And Built A Fully Automated Dispensing Platform For A World Class Sensor Manufacturer To Perfect Their Lens Attachment Process That Requires A Fine Line Of Adhesive To Be Dispensed On A Narrow Profile On The Housing

Precision Fine Line Profile Dispensing


Due to the narrow profile to be dispensed on, we need a very high precision robot to ensure good repeatability of the dispensing positions, and a precision valve to ensure consistent flow rate of material dispensed on the substrate. We also need to provide a vision system that works well with substrates of different colors, without having to change any lighting or vision system.


Our image capture software allows capturing reference positions of all the substrates at one go but at the same time compensate for each dispensing position individually before dispensing commences. This reduces cycle time and thus increases productivity.

To achieve dispensing with consistent flow rate, our auger valve with fine pitch auger screw enables the machine to do so. In addition, the tool-less removable cartridge of the auger valve allows users to easily remove the cartridge for storage at the end of the day without having to purge and clean the valve, thus reducing material waste and time.

To overcome the need to cater to substrates of different color without having to change the lighting or vision system, we made changes to the image processing algorithm to effectively capture and process the image for precise position compensation regardless of the substrate color.


The customer is pleased with this automatic dispensing platform that more than meets the requirements of this process, and increases the productivity significantly.

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