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August 01, 2023

TechnoDigm™ and perfecdos forge Strategic Partnership to propel Microdispensing Innovation in South East Asia

TechnoDigm™, a fluid dispensing solutions provider and perfecdos, the renowned leader in microdispensing technology, are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership aimed at driving innovation in the field of microdispensing.


TechnoDigm™, with its track record of delivering cutting-edge technology solutions, is an ideal partner for perfecdos. Their exceptional expertise in fluid handling, process automation, data analytics, and emerging technologies aligns perfectly with the goals of perfecdos. Together, they aim to harness the power of their combined expertise and drive innovation to redefine microdispensing processes and setting new benchmarks for performance in South East Asia.

Perfecdos specializes in the development and production of state-of-the-art microdispensing jet valves. Their precision-engineered solutions have garnered widespread acclaim for their reliability and accuracy, making perfecdos a trusted name in the industry. With an unwavering commitment to advancing microdispensing technology, the company continually pushes boundaries to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Siew Luan, General Manager of TechnoDigm™, agrees with Benjamin Kratz, Sales Director at perfecdos: “The strategic partnership between perfecdos and TechnoDigm™ will enable both of us to combine our expertise, resources, and perspectives. TechnoDigm™’s deep knowledge and experience in fluid dispensing machines and services will complement perfecdos’s high-end jet valves, creating a robust ecosystem for microdispensing excellence.”

By leveraging their collective strengths, TechnoDigm™ and perfecdos intend to develop integrated solutions that revolutionize microdispensing applications across various industries, including electronics, optoelectronics, medical devices, and industrial manufacturing.

Through this collaboration, perfecdos and TechnoDigm™ seek to propel the advancement of microdispensing technology. By incorporating sophisticated automation, intelligent control systems, and data analytics into perfecdos’s precision engineered jet valve, the partnership aims to enhance precision, efficiency, and reliability in microdispensing processes, enabling customers to achieve unparalleled results.

Additionally, the partnership will facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration, enabling both companies to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. By fostering innovation and sharing best practices, perfecdos and TechnoDigm™ aim to address industry challenges, optimize process scalability, and drive faster time-to-market for their customers.

Both TechnoDigm™ and perfecdos are confident that their strategic partnership will have a transformative impact on the microdispensing industry. By synergizing their expertise and resources, they aspire to redefine the capabilities of microdispensing technology, unlocking new possibilities for precision applications and enabling customers to achieve unparalleled results.


For more information about perfecdos and TechnoDigm™, please visit their respective websites at and

About TechnoDigm™: TechnoDigm™ is an expert technology solutions company at the forefront of innovation in fluid dispensing. Their expertise lies in process automation, data analytics, and emerging technologies. TechnoDigm™ partners with industry leaders to deliver cutting-edge solutions that optimize performance and drive success in fluid dispensing applications.

About perfecdos: perfecdos is a leading provider of advanced microdispensing technology, specializing in precision-engineered solutions such as the exceptional jet valve. With a focus on reliability and accuracy, perfecdos continues to push the boundaries of microdispensing to meeting the evolving needs of various industries and driving innovation in microdispensing technology.