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March 08, 2022

TechnoDigm™ introduces a Remarkable New Temperature Controlled Dispensing Valve

This All-new Temperature Controlled Dispensing Valve Nv500h Maintains A Constant Fluid Temperature During Dispensing

TechnoDigm Innovation Pte Ltd has proudly introduced yet another remarkable product to the valve range. Known as NV500H, this all-new Temperature Controlled Dispensing Valve system by TechnoDigm™ will prevent inconsistent dispensing volume caused by temperature fluctuations. Moreover, this temperature controlled dispensing valve is also capable of improving dispensability of high viscosity materials. TechnoDigm™ is a Singapore based technology company and globally renowned name in Fluid Dispensing as well as UV Curing technology.

“With a wide range of great features and benefits, this NV500H Temperature Controlled Dispensing Valve can be easily integrated into our GR/TR series dispensing robot to automate a wide range of fluid dispensing processes while preserving desktop workspace.” Said Mr. Lee, the Lead Engineer of Technodigm™, while talking about the NV500H. “A simple dedicated temperature controller allows for simultaneous setting of temperatures of up to 125 degrees °C for both the dispensing valve and the 30cc syringe.” He added. According to Mr. Lee, one of the most remarkable features including fast heating speeds and dispensing rate exceeds 400 cycle per minute.

In addition to supporting hot melt dispensing, NV500H also ensures effective dispensing of heated applications such as underfill dispensing, COB encapsulation, Dam and Fill. Through maintaining a lower uniform fluid viscosity it reduces cycle time by keeping fluids in the syringe and valves above room temperature/elevated temperature.

Founded in 2006 with a sole vision to take the Fluid Dispensing and UV Curing technology to the next level, TechnoDigm­™ is known around the world for creating state of the art products for dispensing and this valve system is yet another remarkable addition to its growing range of products.