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Technodigm Innovation
January 17, 2023

TechnoDigm™ introduces All In One LED UV Curing System for Laboratory or Low Volume Production Environments

TechnoDigm Innovation Pte Ltd proudly announced that it has introduced an All-in-one LED UV Curing System (UVL2424C) that you can use in the lab for R&D and testing, but at a smaller footprint. This is an all-in-one benchtop LED UV chamber system that combines a UV chamber, touchscreen panel, and operating system in a compact design. The UV Chamber features 400 LEDs that offer homogeneous intensity distribution & uniform intensity across the curing area with a peak intensity of 500mW/cm2 (UVA). This system is designed for rapid curing of light activated adhesives and coatings. The unit is suitable for laboratory or low volume production environments.

The system can be configured to different peak intensity and curing areas, and available in options of 365, 405 or 420 nm wavelengths to meet specific project requirements.