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January 11, 2021

TechnoDigm™ Introduces the Ultimate UV LED Light for Rapid Curing System

Uvlspot Is A High-powered Led Light For Rapid Curing System, Designed To Save Cost & Time

TechnoDigm Innovation Pte Ltd has proudly announced that it has introduced a remarkable new high-powered LED Light for Rapid Curing System called UVLSPOT. This remarkable new device has a wide range of features and benefits, and it is emerging as the ultimate solution for industrial applications that requires high intensity UV output for the rapid curing of UV adhesives and epoxies.

“UVLSPOT uses LEDs to deliver the reliable performance of a UV lamp system, and it effectively boosts productivity, as well as cost saving in the long run as LEDs can last more than 15K hours.” Said Mr. Lee, the Chief Engineer at TechnoDigm™, while talking about the features of UVLSPOT. “UVLSPOT are specially designed to resolve the usual LED spot system issue in the market like inaccurate focus, unable to obtain maximum intensity on the surface of interests, etc.” he added.

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