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November 17, 2020

TechnoDigm™ Introduces Two New Products for UV Intensity Measurement

These Products are based on New & Patented Sensors, and they are Industry 4.0 Enabled

TechnoDigm Innovation Pte Ltd proudly announced that it has introduced two new products for UV intensity measurement, UV Read RT & a UV Radiometer. They are built with patented proprietary sensors that enable it to withstand higher temperature then standard sensors in the current market. UV Read RT is industry 4.0 enabled thus providing users with ease and flexibility in monitoring of UV systems.

“We are very pleased to announce the launch of our UVREAD-RT, which is industry 4.0 enabled and can be installed for real-time monitoring.” Said Mr. Lee, the Chief Engineer at TechnoDigm™, while talking about the key features of this new system. “With this system, we are proudly introducing a unique patented Sensor technology by IMRE, A*STAR, and it will ensure the efficiency of UV Curing System.” He added. According to Mr. Lee, the system can be easily connected to a laptop, and has a longer calibration validity of 18 months years.

UVREAD RT can be used to provide real time monitoring data that potentially can be viewed remotely. Moreover it can store data for referencing, provides alert and has the ability for users to set parameter limits for quality control. TechnoDigm™ has blended both high-end innovation and cutting-edge technology in the development of this system.

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