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November 17, 2021

TechnoDigm™ receives A*Star T-Up Excellence award 2021

Developing Uv Sensor For Technodigm™ Uv Intensity Measurement Instrument Using Ferroelectric Sensing Technologies By Imre.

TechnoDigm Innovation Pte Ltd is proud to receive A* Star T- Up excellence award 2021 together with Mr Lai Szu Cheng, currently principle specialist at A*STAR’s Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE).

Using IMRE’s patented ferroelectric UV sensing technology, Szu Cheng helped to develop high performance, robust and thermally stable UV Sensor for Technodigm™ Industrial 4.0 UV Intensity Measurement System and enhanced the performance of existing UV curing products. UV intensity Measurement Systems are vital tools for UV curing technology to detect and measure the intensity of UV output. By incorporating ferroelectric sensing technologies, Szu Cheng helped to significantly increase the durability and stability of the UV Intensity Measurement system. The outstanding performance of this UV sensor helps users to achieve increase in production yield, reduce running cost due to frequent calibration, resulting in productivity gain for industry users and enhance business growth.

“We are proud to have walked our T-Up journey with Szu Cheng from the IMRE. Congrats to Szu Cheng for receiving the T-Up Excellence Award!” said Ms Jenny Tay, the Sales Director at TechnoDigm. “Through the T-Up collaboration, supported by A*Star and ESG, we have deepened our capabilities and the ferroelectric sensing technologies enabled us to enhance the performance of our UV curing products to meet the increasing process demands from our clients.” She added.

By tapping into the pool of R&D talent at A*Star, Technodigm is able to leverage on their area of expertise to help gain traction in an increasingly competitive market. The award is indeed a strong encouragement and it spurs TechnoDigm to continue its pursuit of innovation and excellence in its field.