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October 16, 2022

TechnoDigm™ Receive Appreciation Award from Fluidigm for its Gear Pump Meter-Mix-Dispense System

Used In The Production Of Covid-19 Testing Kits Of Fluidigm, This Meter Mix Dispense System Is A Remarkable Feat Of Engineering By Technodigm™

TechnoDigm Innovation Pte Ltd has proudly announced that it has received an award for its invaluable contribution and support to NIH RADx Project of Fluidigm. This 2021 award was presented to TechnoDigm™ by Fluidigm for the product and services rendered by Technodigm™ in this project of great significance. Fluidigm creates and manufactures innovative technologies and life-science tools designed to revolutionize biology through ongoing pursuit of scientific research and innovation.

“This award is an endorsement of the high performance and reliability that we believe in, and we are very grateful to Fluidigm for recognizing our hard work through this award,” said Mr. Lee, the Chief Engineer at TechnoDigm™. “Our Gear Pump Meter-Mix-Dispense MM3000GP was able to meet the stringent requirement for the production of the Covid 19 Test Kits using Fluidigm® microfluidics technology, and it is a matter of great pride for the entire TechnoDigm™ team to be able to become a part of this project.” He added.

According to the Lead Engineer at Fluidigm, June Zhei, TechnoDigm™ supported the corporations’ expansion project and gave their best support possible. Technodigm™ Meter Mix, MM3000GP Series is a true blend of innovation and technology. It has been specifically designed to provide high precision volumetric metering, homogeneous mixing, and consistent dispensing. Critical in many production processes. TechnoDigm™ is committed to contribute to technological advancement. The award is indeed a strong encouragement and it spurs TechnoDigm™ to continue its pursuit of innovation and excellence in its field. The company looks forward to serving more companies and working alongside them in their innovative developments like what it did with Fluidigm.


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