Technodigm Innovation
Technodigm Innovation

CFM2000 Centrifugal Fluid Deaerator

  • Anti-vibration rigid design for stability
  • Safety lock
  • Dual mounting patterns
  • Programmable speed

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CFM2000 is a simple and reliable bench-top centrifugal system. Equipped with a powerful electrical motor, it can reach a maximum rotation speed of 1500 rpm. The centrifugal force generated will then separate the air bubbles from the fluid material, achieving bubble-free material for your work process.

Model Selection

CFM2000 with Standard Motor

CFM2000 – S00 – 00 Without Syringe Holder
CFM2000 – S03 – 08 Includes 8 x 3CC Syringe Holder
CFM2000 – S05 – 08 Includes 8 x 5CC Syringe Holder
CFM2000 – S10 – 08 Includes 8 x 10CC Syringe Holder
CFM2000 – S35 – 04 Includes 4 x 30CC/50CC Syringe Holder


Holder for Different Syringe Size

CFM S03 3CC Syringe Holder
CFM S05 5CC Syringe Holder
CFM S10 10CC Syringe Holder
CFM S35 30CC/50CC Syringe Holder

Voltage 230 VAC, Universal input, 5A fuse
Speed 1 to 1500 rpm
Time 0 to 9999 seconds
Rotating Direction Clockwise
Applicable Barrel Size 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc, 55cc
Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 520 x 480 x 320mm