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CFM3000 Centrifugal Fluid Deaerator (Production Version)

  • Large size touchscreen LCD panel
  • High loading capacity, hold up to 32 barrels of 30cc syringes or 48 barrels of 3cc to 10cc syringes
  • Remove bubble from the material using centrifugal force with programmable speed
  • Equipped with a vibration sensor to detect any unbalanced loading

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CFM3000 is TechnoDigm™ latest and most powerful centrifuge machine added to the centrifuge product line. It has a much higher loading capacity and is able to achieve fast removal of air bubbles in larger number of syringes at one time making it suitable to use for high production. The exceptionally high centrifuge force enables it to centrifuge high viscosity material without problem.

CFM3000 has a reliable safety system; the machine operates when the cover is completely closed. The safety lock prevents the cover from being opened while operating. It is also equipped with a vibration sensor that detects any unbalance loading or abnormal vibration and automatically stops when triggered. The CFM3000 is equipped with a touchscreen panel for user-friendly operation.

Display 7 Inch LCD Panel
Program Capacity 10 Programs
Rotation Speed 100 to 2500 rpm
Settable Time 0 to 99 minutes
Applicable Barrel Size 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc
Loads Limits Maximum 32 barrels for 30cc, 48 barrels for 3, 5, and 10cc
Safety Abnormal vibration sensor
Safety door lock