Digital Valve Controller

  • Bright LCD
  • 10 Memory locations to automatically cycle 10 self-taught programs
  • Auto cycling mode allows sequencing of a self-taught program control operation of valve continuously
  • Manual mode allows the user to control precise ON/OFF timing of double-acting valve
  • Auto mode allows the user to pre-set ON/OFF timing for control of the double-acting valve
  • Convenient operation via foot pedal or front panel button
  • Additional adjustable air pressure for constant supply to syringe
  • Digital display of precise pressure control


The DD2000VC is a powered-operated device that uses just one air input that controls the air pressure to regulate the flow of fluids material like epoxies, adhesive, grease, etc. Bringing the dispensing cycle close to the valve to obtain consistency shot with less fluctuation. The device offered an LCD display of pressure control, allowing auto or manual mode to control the dispensing time and duration. They are designed to work with single or double-acting valves, and are user-friendly for seamless operation and increased productivity.

Compatible Valves

  • NV200 Needle Valve
  • NV400 Needle Valve
  • NV500 Needle Valve
  • SBV100 Snuff Back Valve
  • SBV200 Snuff Back Valve
  • SPV200 Spool Valve
  • PTV200 Pinch Tube Valve
  • MV100 Metering Valve

DD2000VC valve controller is simple to set up and operate, and easy to interface with PLCs and other equipment.

Size 130 X 180 X 140mm
Dispense Time 0.005 – 999.999 Sec
Operation Modes Manual, Auto, Cycle
Internal Memory 100 Memory Locations
Power 120/220 VAC
Air Input 5 – 7 Bar, 70 – 100 PSI
Air Output 0.1 – 7 Bar, 1 – 100 PSI