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Technodigm Innovation

GR2000 Precision Desktop Gantry Robots

  • Digital Camera System
  • Needle Calibration
  • Purge Station
  • Low Incoming Pressure Sensor
  • Chip Edge Detection
  • Dot Size Measurement
  • Fiducial / Pattern Recognition
  • Laser Height Sensor, LH
  • Needle Cleaning, NC
  • Syringe Heater, SH
  • Needle Heater, NH
  • Canopy with Front/Rear Door, CD
  • Canopy with Curtain Sensor, CS
  • Exhaust Adaptor, EA
  • Material Low Level Sensor, LS

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GR2000 is a multifunctional dispensing platform created for a diverse range of applications. It is one of the few desktop platforms that facilitates programmable movement of the dispense valve in X, Y and Z direction instead of moving the product. This eliminates any performance issue or inconvenience in handling heavy substrates. This makes programming much more intuitive. The overhead gantry layout also offers flexibility when incorporating tooling and fixture. Each gantry axis is constructed with precision ground structure for rigidity and performance. All GR2000 is equipped with a standard camera for teaching purposes and fiducial alignment. It can be configured with a wide variety of dispense valves to suit different types of dispensing process including two component mixer heads for current application while allowing future upgrades to add on other optional features to enhance its process capability.

Go Dispensing Software

The only dispensing software that you need for a robust process set up. It is integrated with the high performance XYZ Cartesian axes, high definition camera system for position alignment and quality check, and a high accuracy laser height sensing system for highly accurate and consistent dispensing results.

Dispensing Applications

Our innovative automated fluid dispensing systems offer solutions to a wide range of applications in various industries.

  • High Speed Dotting
  • Edge / Corner Bonding
  • Microshot Solder Paste
  • Conductive Adhesives
  • Line / Sealing
  • Gasketing
  • Dam and Fill
  • Cavity Fill
  • Underfill
  • Chip Encapsulation
  • Thermal Compound

Valve / Pump Selection

We offer a wide selection of valves and pumps for all types of applications in electronics manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, optical device manufacturing, biotechnology, and life science.

  • Auger Valve
  • Progressive Cavity Pump
  • Positive Displacement Pump
  • Slider Valve
  • Metering Valve
  • Spool Valve
  • Snuff Back Valve
  • Needle Valve
  • Pinch Tube Valve
  • Time / Pressure System

Unit GR2033 GR2034 GR2044 GR2054
Number of Axis 3 Axis 3 Axis + R Axis 3 Axis + R axis + U Axis
X, Y & Z Axis Travel Range mm 300 x 300 x 100 400 x 400 x 100
Effective Dispense
Area with Vision
Camera Mounted
mm 230 x 230 x 100 300 x 300 x 100
Mounted Load Capacity kg 5
Maximum Speed, c/w S-curve jerk control mm/sec X & Y Axis: 500
Z Axis: 250
X & Y Axis: 500
Z Axis: 250 (R Axis: 720°/sec)
Repeatability μm/axis X, Y & Z Axis: ± 10 X, Y & Z Axis: ± 10 R Axis: ± 0.01°
Resolution μm/axis 1
Vision System FOV mm 9.6 x 7.2 (1 pixel =8 μm)
Program Capacity Unlimited. Depend on hard disk capacity
Data Memory Type Hard disk
Operating System Windows 10 Professional
Drive System AC servo motor + Precision Grade Ball Screw
Motion Control PTP (Point to Point) & CP (Continuous Path)
Linear / Circular Interpolation XYZ Interpolation
Teaching Method Direct teaching by using the Needle or Camera.
Manual data input. Direct import from dxf files
External I/O USB, RS232 & Ethernet
Power Supply 3 wires single phase, 220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 10 A
Air Supply / Flow Rate kPa 500 (5 bar, 72 psi), 100 l/min
Dimension (WxDxH)* mm 624 x 772 x 860 724 x 872 x 860 724 x 872 x 1000
Weight kg 138 168 170 172

*Exclude keyboard and monitor mounting stand

Technodigm Innovation
Technodigm Innovation
Technodigm Innovation