GR2000 Precision Desktop Gantry Robots


  • Resolution of less than 2 μm per axis.
  • Designed for high precision dispensing.
  • Comes with good accuracy and repeatability.
  • Driven by Servo controlled Ball Screw.
  • Maximum speed of 600 mm/sec.
  • Easily programmable through software interface.
  • Regulated at a power supply of 220 VAC, single phase, 20A.

GR2000 comes with a servo-controlled ball screw driven by servo motors. With a resolution of less than 2μm per axis, it is designed for precision dispensing, very good accuracy, and repeatability. The PC based software comes with an interface that allows easy programming and editing. Design with flexibility and to be used with many different types of dispensing systems, GR2000 will meet most demanding applications. Options are provided for user to choose only what they need so that ROI can be attractive.

Maximum Load (Z axis) 6kg
Maximum Speed 600mm/sec (X, Y axis)
Repeatability 600mm/sec (X, Y axis) 500mm/sec (Z axis)
Resolution 2μm per axis
Program Capacity Unlimited programs
Data Memory Type Hard disk
Drive System AC Servo Ball Screw
Motion Control PTP, CP
Linear Interpolation All axes
Teaching Method Needle teach (Camera teach)
Power Supply 220 VAC, single phase, 20A