Jetting Valve and Controller

JV200 & JVC2000


  • Fast dispensing at more than 200Hz
  • Micro shot size as small as 0.5 nL (depending on fluid)
  • Jetting of low to high viscosity fluid
  • Has a heating element to assist the better fluid flow
  • Modular in design for easy maintenance
  • Dedicated controller for easy use and setup

Typical Applications

  • Jetting UV adhesive in medical device applications
  • Edge sealing
  • Assemblies of miniature parts like camera module assembly
  • Under-fill in micro-electronic package applications on PCBA

JV200 is Technodigm™ superlative non-contact jetting valve engineered to jet low to high viscosity fluids such as greases, fluxes, epoxies, and adhesives specifically for applications that require dispensing in difficult to reach areas or even uneven surfaces. Depending on types of fluid, typical dot sizes achievable can be from 0.3mm upwards.

JV200 when operated through its dedicated controller JVC2000, makes it possible to achieve better stroke control, improved close time, and faster full stroke open time resulting in seamless dispensing with speeds of more than 200Hz. The JVC2000 features a touch screen that has an easy and user-friendly interface for setup and operation.

The JV200 is also modular in design allowing the wetted parts and heater element to be separated from the actuator for quick and easy maintenance. In a nutshell, JV200 is able to perform dispensing with less turbulence for more prominent liquid yield consistency, reduced cycle time, and better process control.

Control Method Electro Pneumatic
Valve Air Pressure Typical: 4 to 5 bar, Max.: 10 bar
Syringe Air Pressure 0.1 bar to 10 bar
Min. Dispensing Time 1.7ms (valve open time)
Max. Dispensing Rate 270Hz (drops per second)
Viscosity Range Low (1 cps) to High (200k cps)
Material Inlet Female Luer Lock Connector
Heater Operating Temperature Range 25 ~ 80 ºC
Controller Technodigm JVC2000
Weight Valve: 692g
Controller: 7.8 kg
Power Consumption 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz 100w
Display Touchscreen, Human Machine Interface
Standard Interfaces RS232C, 24V / 5V PLC
Dimensions (L) x (H) x (W) Valve: 85 x 105 x 75mm
Controller: 295 x 147 x 258mm


Operating Mode
Timed mode Single activation of predefined burst after trigger signal
Continuous mode Continuous activation of predefined burst after trigger signal
External mode Valve open time controlled by external trigger


Type of Material used (wetted parts)
Fluid inlet / Chamber Stainless steel
Nozzle Tungsten carbide
Nozzle Seal Teflon
Tappet Stainless steel embedded with ceramic ball


Nozzle Diameter (optional) 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm
Lifespan of Nozzle Min.6 million cycle (material w/o abrasive filler)
Life Span for Tappet, Solenoid Valve & Actuator Min. 10 million cycle (depending on dispensing frequency and temperature)