NV500 Needle Valve


  • Easy and low maintenance
  • A positive shutoff system without dripping problems
  • Extremely convenient and simple to use
  • Provides consistent dispensing cycles
  • High temperatures can be tolerated by the seals of the wetted part

Built to cater to both medical and general use, the NV500 is uniquely designed. It is capable of producing repeated cycles and can control the dispensing of low to medium viscosity fluids quite comfortably, effectively, and with consistent volume. Together with the valve controller by TechnoDigm, the NV500 works remarkably in providing efficient, precise, and reliable dispensing cycles, especially when used in automation systems.

Operating Type Piston On / Off
Operating Air Pressure 4.8 Bar
Fluid Delivery Pressure Max 6.9 Bar
Dispense Tip All Gauge
Cycle Rate Exceeds 400 per minute
Range Temperature 5 ~ 50 °C
Weight 370g


Driving Part Materials
Cylinder Body Aluminium
Piston SUS304 Stainless Steel


Wetted Part Materials
Chamber SUS316 Stainless Steel
Chamber Sterilization Temperature 125°C (max)


Connecting Ports
Operating Air Inputs M5 thread with push-in fitting for 6mm OD tube
Material Inlet Metal Female Luer & Compression Fitting for OD6 Tube
Material Outlet Needle Adapter with Lock Nut