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Progressive Cavity Pump

  • Positive shut off, eliminate drooling
  • Independent of viscosity variations
  • Precise volumetric dispensing and repeatability of +/-1%
  • Simple assembly because of modular design
  • Optional sensor to detect dispensing abnormalities
  • Simple and easy parameters setting with dedicated touch screen controller
  • Coating: Standard chrome plating to special coating for abrasion resistance for the rotor
  • Stator: Wide range of selection from FKM/FFKM to abrasion resistance materials
  • Rotor: From standard austenitic stainless steel to Hastelloy C4

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The Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) series is the most recent addition to TechnoDigm™ dispensing product range. Designed to provide high precision and consistent dispensing volume.

Only high-quality components are used in the TechnoDigm™ Progressive Cavity Pump, which includes a high-end servo motor with close loop feedback and a precisely built stator and rotor that work together to offer exact volumetric dispensing. Furthermore, the pump body is entirely made of stainless steel, and the repeatability can be as good as 1%.

The PCP by TechnoDigm™ has been designed to ensure ease of operation and maintenance. The wetted parts of the dosing unit can be conveniently dismantled, followed by the stator from the pump housing. Furthermore, a spare dosing unit can be swapped in while the dismantled part is serviced, resulting in minimal downtime.

The PCP’s versatility is remarkable; it can dispense both shots and beads, making it an efficient dispensing tool in a variety of applications that involve die-attach, sealing, dotting, potting, and encapsulation. Furthermore, the PCP is compatible with a wide range of materials, ranging from adhesives, abrasive media, sealing compounds, epoxies, grease, oil, and silicones.

Single Head Model No. Unit PCP Micro PCP1000 PCP2000 PCP3000
Dosing Volume ml/rev 0.003 0.01 0.05 0.14
Minimum Dosing Quantity ml 0.00025 0.0008 0.004 0.015
Volume Flow ml/min 0.003 – 0.360 0.10 – 1.20 0.50 – 6.0 1.40 – 16.0


Single Head Model No. Unit PCP5000 PCP6000 PCP7000 PCP8000
Dosing Volume ml/rev 0.35 1.10 2.00 9.50
Minimum Dosing Quantity ml 0.03 0.09 0.167 0.792
Volume Flow ml/min 0.35 – 42.00 1.10 – 132.0 2.00 – 240.0 9.50 – 1140.0