Technodigm Innovation
Technodigm Innovation


  • IMRE, A*STAR unique patented technology
  • Ensure efficiency of UV Curing System
  • With the ability to connect and read on a laptop, it is easily accessible
  • Longer calibration validity (2 years) resulting in lower running cost

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Typically, UV intensity is measured at certain intervals over the production period and then recorded. This method is not desirable as it depends on the operator doing their job properly, is not productive, and requires manual retention of records.

TechnoDigm™ UVREAD-RT system is intended to address all these issues. UVREAD-RT incorporates durable proprietary sensors that can be installed for real-time monitoring. Its sensor records UV intensity displays them in real-time and stores them for reference.

In addition, it allows users to set limits for quality control and provides alerts when intensity is out of specs. It is industry 4.0 enabled, which means operators can monitor UV systems remotely.

Power Source 220 – 240 VAC, 5A, 50 – 60 Hz
Data-Logger Port RS232
Number of Channels 2 Channels
Light Source Selection UVA Broadband or LED 365 nm
Case Materials Aluminium
Auto-shutdown 2.5 min (Selectable)
Reader Module
Dimensions (cm)
12.9 (L) x 9.1 (W) x 2.8 (H)
Sensor Module
Dimensions (cm)
5.6 (L) x 3.8 (W) x 9.0 (H)


Spectral Range Full UVA Range (315 – 380 nm)
Intensity Range 20 mW/cm² – 10 W/cm²
Detection Resolution 10 mW/cm²
Accuracy +/-5 % Typical
Calibra 2 Years Recommended
Operating Temperature 0 – 80 ° C