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March 22, 2023

Set Your UV Intensity Level With Actual Numbers

LED UV Curing is a much-preferred UV curing process. By using LED arrays, it provides better UV intensity uniformity over a surface and a longer lifespan than traditional lamp bulbs. Our latest UVLS1010 LED UV Curing system is incorporated with a patented UV sensor.

Combined with a UVLC1000 controller it measures the UV intensity and provides real-time auto compensation at +/-2% intensity accuracy. Its’ key features include the ability to be remotely controlled via a web browser, detecting LED failures, overcoming high temperature issues, and etc. It offers a UV curing solution that is worry free, and meets all industrial needs.

UVLS1010 LED UV Curing System & UVLC1000 Controller

The UVLS1010 is integrated with UV intensity closed loop control and has been designed exclusively with an intensity peak of 1400mW/cm².


“Our LED UV curing systems are capable of performing curing at uniform intensity throughout the period, as evidenced by our trial report. As a result, we have an advantage over our competitors. We are able to cure UV material at absolute numbers instead of percentages, said Mr. Lee, TechnoDigm™ lead engineer.

TechnoDigm™ possesses over two decades of experience with fluid dispensing and UV curing technologies, now we are able to help you.

We can automate and optimize your UV curing process now and even your dispensing needs with automated fluid dispensing solutions and meter mix dispensers. Contact us today and let’s get started!