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March 22, 2023

Smooth Flow Tapered Tips For Viscous Or Particle-filled Fluid Dispensing

Smooth Flow Tapered Tips

When dispensing adhesives, besides consistency and accuracy, a well selected dispensing tip is critical to the performance of the dispensing system. For dispensing of medium to high viscosity epoxy, silicone, RTV, sealants, grease, or other adhesives, Tapered Tip is the ideal choice.

Smooth Flow Tapered tip is absolutely effective when dispensing highly viscous materials. The tapered tip enables smooth flow of the material, thus avoiding build up pressure within the syringe and the needle hub. This eliminates drooling of the material, and provides a quick stop once the dispensing ends. This is especially useful if you are dispensing filled materials, such as solder paste, conductive epoxies or silicone paste.

Smooth Flow Tapered Tips

We offer 9 different gauges for our tapered tips. Discover how we can help you achieve faster dispensing rates and improve your productivity.

Download our brochure, and our advisor will help you choose the best tips for your particular production needs.


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