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March 22, 2023

TechnoDigm™ Provides Uniform UV Light Intensity

UVL2020 Flood Curing System & UVL2020C Controller

Our best-selling UV curing system, UVL LED UV Flood Cure Series is designed with a peak intensity of 1400 mW/cm2 (UV) and a fully intuitive touchscreen interface, ensuring high intensity output and consistent curing results. It is maintenance free, low energy consumption and long life span.

It is available with 365nm, 405nm, 420nm wavelengths and different curing sizes. This system can be used as a standalone or easily integrated into an automated assembly line.

correlation between intensity and working distance
intensity uniformity test result
intensity uniformity test result

Consistent intensity output throughout UV curing process

TechnoDigm™ with its years of experience is able to offer solutions that will quickly meet the demands of today’s curing applications.

We can automate and optimize your UV curing process now with solutions such as LED UV curing and UV intensity measuring equipment. Contact us today and let’s get started!