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LED UV Curing Systems

The LED UV curing process is popular among manufacturers. With TechnoDigm™ LED UV Curing Systems, manufacturers can increase production effciency and reduce resource usage.

Details About Our LED UV Curing Systems

Recent advances in UV adhesive technology have allowed it to be used in numerous complex applications. Thus, to meet these increasingly demanding applications, the curing method of UV adhesives has to progress.

TechnoDigm Innovation, with its years of experience, is able to offer solutions like LED UV Curing Systems that will easily meet the demands of today’s curing applications. TechnoDigm™ is able to characterise and understand the capabilities of high powered UV LEDs and develop LED UV Curing Systems that are suitable for today’s manufacturing requirements.

TechnoDigm™ LED UV Curing system
  • Can be used for up to 20,000 hrs.
  • Comes with a range of features like intensity control and LED failure alert.
  • Comes with a temperature sensor to ensure that make prevents LED from overheating.
  • Offer inline intensity monitoring by using in-house developed monitoring solutions with proprietary sensors.
  • Customizable curing sizes.

With our LED UVSPOT curing systems, you can mount on a UV chamber and also a conveyor system that meets your specific requirements.

Our UV Curing Systems can be configured with single or dual high-intensity LED heads. This gives you the flexibility to customize the process to fit your needs.

The LED UV curing conveyor system features full UV shielding provided by the conveyor light chamber. The chamber is enclosed, ensuring that the operator and passers-by are protected from any harmful UV radiation. The entrance and exit of the light chamber are also protected by manually adjustable sliding doors.

Do you have any UV Curing project that need help? Let our expert engineers help you with your application and provide you with the best solution for your manufacturing processes using our UVSPOT curing system as well as a range of other UV curing solutions.

Industry 4.0 Enabled

TechnoDigm™ has introduced two new models, UVL2020 & UVL1005N to the UVL LED UV Flood System family. It uses low maintenance, high intensity LED light for faster curing of light-curing material like adhesives, coatings, and UV inks.

It is Industry 4.0 enabled, we used Industrial Internet of Things IoT proprietary sensors to get real-time monitoring and auto-adjustments of UV intensities and the ability to detect and alert users of failed LEDs that need replacement as well. Our system comes with an intuitive touch screen and user friendly interface to set and monitor your desired parameter. We also have the resources and a team of professional engineers who can customize the shape and size according to the demands and requirements of the users and customers.

How TechnoDigm™ IoT Proprietary Sensors Work?

In the manufacturing process, our smart sensors allow users to identify issues with UV parameter settings, UV intensities, and address it real-time before producing defected parts. Hence, it saves time, material cost and it increases productivity. Our UI screen controls are viewable via a web browser by visiting the IP address of the controller. It will show target, current intensity, curing time, remaining time, and current temperature. In any case, users can adjust, start, or stop the curing process remotely which is essential in today’s manufacturing industry.

  • Versatile as a standalone or integrated with a current automated system
  • UV lamp for curing materials such as adhesives
  • Easy to use and control with a small footprint area
  • Stable UV output
  • Maintenance-free
  • Green technology, mercury-free
  • Low energy consumption
  • Long lifespan
  • Instant On/Off Capabilities
  • Multiple wavelengths and curing area sizes (subject to model selection)

TechnoDigm Innovation offers cutting-edge UV curing solutions, including a high-powered UV LED curing system that is well-suited for a wide range of applications in Singapore. Their advanced UV curing technology ensures efficient and precise curing processes for various industries.

LED UV Curing Systems Brochure

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