UV Curing Chamber with Shutter


  • LCD display and numeric keypad for parameters input

The UV Chamber is designed to be used with TechnoDigm™ UV Curing Light Sources. It is available with or without shutter. As frequent ON/OFF of UV lamp shortens lamp life significantly, the UV lamp should remain powered up during operational hours. The shutter is the ideal means to control the exposure time of adhesives to UV light.

UV Irradiation Chambers

Product Code UV Light Source Pneumatic Shutter Adjustable Table
UVR3 – MR400P UVMR400  √
UV3 – 400P UVR400  √
UV3 – 800P UVR800  √
Operation Modes Timer & Manual
Exposure Time 0-9999 seconds
Shutter Type Pneumatic driven plate
Safety Features Safety door switch (for UV chamber)