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Drum to Cartridge Loading System

  • Easily transfer material from drum to cartridge
  • Suitable for any types of material
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy operation and controls
  • 7-Inch touchscreen display

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Drum to cartridge loading system is designed to automate the loading and filling of standard cartridges with material supplied from a drum. It allows simultaneous loading of 2 cartridges, an ideal solution for loading of 2-part materials.

The cartridge loading system is driven by standard pneumatic components which can be operated easily via a 7-inch touch screen display. It consists of two units of cylinders & process valves that can run simultaneously to allow continuous loading operation.

The system is equipped with various sensors, indicators, and alarms to allow smooth operation.

Applicable Material 2-part Material
Drives Pneumatic Cylinders
Pump Type Pneumatic Pail Pumps
Applicable Pail Size 20 Kg
Applicable Cartridge Size 20oz, 32oz
Input Air Supply 6 Bars
Valve Type Process Ball Valves
HMI Display 7 Inch Touch Screen
Operation Modes Auto / Manual
Operating Air Supply 5-6 bars
Power Input 100-240VAC / 5A
Overall Dimension 1550 (W) x 750 (D) x 2200 (H)
Overall Weight 215 kg