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Meter Mix Progressive Cavity Pump

  • Positive shutoff, eliminate drooling
  • Independent of viscosity variations
  • Precise volumetric dispensing and repeatability of +/-1%
  • Simple assembly because of modular design
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Accommodate a wide range of static mixers
  • Optional sensors to detect dispensing abnormalities
  • Simple and easy parameters setting with dedicated touch screen controller, PCP-C

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The MM-PCP is a servo motor driven pump with closed-loop feedback control. It provides highly accurate meter mix dispensing of two-part material. As the various parts of the pump are created in modular form, it can be easily configured to match the unique mixing ratio or asymmetrical dispensing needs of any dispensing application.

The MM-PCP dispenses with a rotary displacement action based on the eccentric screw pump principle. During operation, the pressurized fluid within the wet body chamber flows into either one of the two alternate cavities that are “opened” as the eccentric screw rotates. As the rotor continues to rotate, fluid moves from one sealed cavity to the next in a downward trajectory motion. The dispensed volume is determined by the rotor rotating speed and the stator cavity size.

Since the volume of fluid held in each cavity is fixed, the MM-PCP is able to provide continuous volumetric dispensing independent of fluid pressure fluctuation or changes in fluid viscosity over time. Quality of the system is further enhance by optional pressure sensors. These sensors provide continuos pressure monitoring to detect changes that can affect dispensing or mixing ratio.

The MM-PCP is controlled by the controller PCP-CL to form a complete dosing system. The controller is easy to use and operates with different programming modes to match the unique needs of any dispensing application.

Compatible Materials
  • Oil
  • Adhesives
  • Grease
  • Sealing compound
  • Epoxies
  • Abrasive material
  • Silicones
  • Thermal interface material
  • Sealing
  • Dotting
  • Potting
  • Encapsulation
  • Precision bead dispensing

Single Head Model No. Unit MM-PCP Micro MM-PCP11 MM-PCP22 MM-PCP33 MM-PCP44
Dosing Volume ml/rev 0.006 0.020 0.100 0.280 1.060
Minimum Dosing Quantity ml 0.0005 0.0016 0.0080 0.0300 0.1200
Volume Flow ml/min 0.006 – 0.720 0.2 – 2.4 1.0 – 12.0 2.8 – 32.0 10.6 – 120.0


Single Head Model No. Unit MM-PCP55 MM-PCP66 MM-PCP77
Dosing Volume ml/rev 0.7 2.2 4.0
Minimum Dosing Quantity ml 0.060 0.180 0.334
Volume Flow ml/min 0.7 – 84.0 2.2 – 264.0 4 – 480.0

Note: : Above data is dependent on materials
Stator: Wide range of selection from FKM/FFKM to abrasion resistance materials
Rotor: From standard austenitic stainless steel to Hastelloy C4
Coating: Standard chrome plating to special coating for abrasion resistance for the rotor