Dual Cartridge Dispensing


  • Easy to use and setup
  • Cost-effective
  • Maintenance-free

Dual-Component materials often come pre-packed in 50ml, 200ml or 400ml Dual cartridges. To dispense a controlled amount of material from such packaging, a dual cartridge dispensing gun is recommended.

Our Dual Cartridge Dispensers are configured with AD2000E to provide the automatic dispensing capability. The system can also be configured with TechnoDigm’s Dispensing Robots for automated applications.

DC50P DC200P-22 DC400P-32 DC400P-45
Cartridge Size 50ml 200ml 400ml 400ml
Cartridge Ratio 1:1/2:1 1:1/ 2:1/ 4:1/ 10:1 1:1/ 2:1/ 4:1/ 10:1 1:1/ 2:1/ 4:1/ 10:1
Operation Pressure Max: 6 Bar (Adjustable) Max: 6 Bar (Adjustable) Max: 6 Bar (Adjustable) Max: 6 Bar (Adjustable)
Maximum Thrust 2.2KN 3.2KN 4.5KN
Weight / Length 0.75kg / 220mm 1.66kg / 402mm 2.18kg / 402mm 2.41kg / 487mm