Dual Cartridge Dispensing


  • Easy to use and setup
  • Cost-effective
  • Maintenance-free

Dual-Component materials often come pre-packed in 50ml, 200ml or 400ml Dual cartridges. To dispense a controlled amount of material from such packaging, a dual cartridge dispensing gun is recommended.

Our Dual Cartridge Dispensers are configured with AD2000E to provide the automatic dispensing capability. The system can also be configured with TechnoDigm™ Dispensing Robots for automated applications.

DC50P DC200P-22 DC400P-32 DC400P-45
Cartridge Size 50ml 200ml 400ml 400ml
Cartridge Ratio 1:1/2:1 1:1/ 2:1/ 4:1/ 10:1 1:1/ 2:1/ 4:1/ 10:1 1:1/ 2:1/ 4:1/ 10:1
Operation Pressure Max: 6 Bar (Adjustable) Max: 6 Bar (Adjustable) Max: 6 Bar (Adjustable) Max: 6 Bar (Adjustable)
Maximum Thrust 2.2KN 3.2KN 4.5KN
Weight / Length 0.75kg / 220mm 1.66kg / 402mm 2.18kg / 402mm 2.41kg / 487mm