NV400 Needle Valve


  • Positive shutoff
  • Zero dead fluid volume
  • Designed to be low maintenance
  • Wide range of dispensing volumes

This dispensing valve is designed to cater to medium or low-volume fluids or gasses. It is quite convenient to use and does not require much maintenance as well. One of its best features is that it is suitable for a wide range of dispensing volumes. To check its integrity and strength, NV400 has been subjected to repeated cycles of approximately more than half a million cycles. Precise volumetric adjustment is possible through the integrated micrometer that is built into this valve. Fluid drooling is eliminated as there is a positive shutoff and the dead fluid volume amounts to almost zero. The most commonly used materials with NV400 include solvents, epoxies, marking inks, solvents, and adhesives.

Operating Air Pressure 4 Bar to 6 Bar
Fluid Delivery Pressure Max 7.0 Bar
Dispense Tips 20 – 32 Gauge
Weight 250g


Driving Part Materials
Cylinder Body Aluminium
Piston SUS304 Stainless Steel


Wetted Part Material
Chamber Stainless Steel
Seals Teflon


Connecting Ports
Operating Air Inputs M5 thread with push-in fitting for 6mm OD tube
Material Inlet Metal Female Luer & Compression Fitting for OD6 Tube
Material Outlet Needle Adapter with Lock Nut