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Mixpac 30mL purHT™ cartridge kit

  • High-performance applications – 30 mL purHT cartridge kit meets the highest demands of semi-automated bonding processes with economical dosing machines, e.g. for mobile phones and many other electronic devices.
  • Longer open times – With its higher heat resistance, the 30 mL purHT cartridge kit enables end users to achieve longer open times for dispensing by increasing equipment temperature.
  • Time and costs savings – The chemical resistance of the cartridge reduces delamination and helps reduce the rejection rate, time and costs.
  • One version for all – One single cartridge version covers applications up to 145°C, streamlines pack matching and optimizes inventory management.
  • Reduced rejects – Improved visibility enables the detection of minor material quality flaws and allows you to reduce false rejects, reduce waste and costs.
  • Reduced cured PUR – The optimized air-tight design of the cartridge with Luer front cap and back cap lead to less waste/cured material.

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With the new 30mL purHT cartridge kit, medmix offers you and your customers the ultimate in performance: Featuring a higher heat resistance, the superior 30mL syringe ensures longer open times and a better workflow in semi-automated processes. Designed for a better chemical resistance to reduce delamination, an improved air tightness to reduce curing material and higher translucence to avoid black spots, the 1-component cartridge helps to save costs, time and waste!